Saturday, August 14, 2010

Look out Internet, here comes another blog.

That's right everybody.  I've resisted for quite some time, but I'm finally getting the itch to start writing about movies again.  It's been a few months since I was forced to resign from my position as film critic at the WVU student newspaper The Daily Athenaeum and on to the illustrious job market with my Bachelor of Science degree in Journalism (with a focus in Visual Communications and New Media).

Three months into my college life, I'm still working for minimum wage at a movie theater, writing mundane freelance articles, and struggling to find financing for my own film projects (including my webseries, 2 Dudes and a Sweet Prince).

So in my free time, I'm going to start posting reviews of random movies I happen to enjoy (mostly obscure or underrated films) and also reviews of movies I have recently discovered (again, probably mostly obscure or underrated films).

We were just recently able to raise funds for a consumer-level HD camera (the Canon HF M300) for the next season of "2 Dudes," so I hope to post a couple blogs about what it's like working with consumer-level cameras for production.  I made my first film, Raising the Stakes, with a $500 Canon MiniDV camera and I'm curious to see how much further that money goes in terms of quality nowadays.

I'm probably also going to start randomly posting things I've noticed about recent movies or funny happenings at my job at The Warner Theatre in Morgantown, WV.  You probably know us as "five-dollar theater" or "the theater that serves beer."  (We don't actually serve beer, though.  That's a vicious rumor.)

So keep your eyes peeled to this site in the next couple weeks and I'll hopefully keep you entertained with this thing.  Look out Internet, here comes another film blog.